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Decor Accent's knitting loom creations


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Carrie's Creations

On Decor Accents Looms


Bag it!
Make cute little bags for all your gadgets
Cell phones, calculators, etc.
Loom: Decor Accents Small Gauge Sock Loom
Yarn: Red Heart TLC Falling Leaves
Bead: any color pony beads
Single Knit Stitch:                           
Wrap on two rows.                                                       
Lift row one over row two.      
Purl Stitch:                                   
Lay yarn below cast on row.
draw yarn through loop,                         
lift cast on loop off peg,  place loop                    
behind peg. Place drawn loop                     
on peg, tighten loop.                                                  
Cast on one strand
Knit five rows single knit stitch.
Bring up for cuff.
Knit five rows purl stitch.
Knit ten rows singe knit stitch.
Knit five rows purl stitch.
Remove from loom with open removal method.
one crochet chain between loops taken off.
Leave long yarn end, stitch together two sides.
Make a draw string with bead just below cuff.



Fuzzy Short Scarf Collar
One small loom,
One skein of fun fur,
One evening of relaxing knitting!
Loom: Newborn Small Gauge
Decor Accents Baby Bootie loom
Yarn: One Skein of Lion Brand Fun Fur
Pull yarn from outside of the skein
Wrap loosely, never anchor the yarn.
Cast on
Knit the single knit stitch (One row over one row)
Until yarn is gone. Gather ends.
Measures thirty inches long.